Optimism, Ubud, Bali

Central to most religions is a sense of optimism, that through ritual and prayer, one can realize a better life, either in this world or the next.  DSCF5376-001

The Balinese people are Hindu and believe that the ultimate goal in life is nirvana, moksha, or samadhi. Prayer and ritual include the belief that liberation from samsara will end the cycle of rebirth, sorrow and suffering. Due to belief in the indestructibility of the soul, death is deemed insignificant with respect to the cosmic self. 

3 thoughts on “Optimism, Ubud, Bali”

  1. It is fascinating the effect these beliefs have on cultures. It is so deeply ingrained in us we can’t even be aware of the effects at times. (It’s hard to comment without offending someone. Do you see the ‘like’ when I like a post because I can’t see it here on the comments area or at the end of the post like with some other blogs.)

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