Crossing Port Phillip Bay

Many local folk down by the bay could write their own Shipping News, such is the local knowledge of vessels that come and go along the main shipping lane in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. Holiday makers also gather along the fringes of ‘the Bay’ at sunset, enjoying drinks and nibbles, languidly observing the comings and goings of famous cruise ships, container ships and The Spirit of Tasmania, the main passenger and car ferry travelling between the mainland of Australia and its southern island state, Tasmania.

The Spirit Of Tasmania on its way to the port of Melbourne.
Container ships from distant lands come and go, causing a gentle wake on the lagoon like waters of the Bay.

So much weight seems weightless on the deep blue sea.

22 thoughts on “Crossing Port Phillip Bay”

  1. Was down at Point Lonsdale recently and watched a ship pass thorough the Rip. Took my mind back 100 years visualising my Grandfather in the gun emplacement at Fort Nepean line up the Pfalz with that First Shot of WW I.

    Nice shots.

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      1. It is well worth a visit. When I was there it was said that the gun barrels which fired the first shots were to be restored to their original placements. I don’t know what the time frame was for that project though.

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