25 thoughts on “Now”

    1. ah , sometimes I have to rememeber to sign out, then sign in as me from WordPress, then comment. I think the problem comes from an old Blogger account I had in 2009 and the comment form keeps reverting to that.
      The season is a harsh one down here and tiny rabbits have found cracks in the fencing. The peaches are happy- a consolation.


  1. Ah, to have a peach tree in my “new” garden. Instead the Marito and I have been spending backbreaking days this week trying to dismantle a jungle from decades of neglect! Eyes on the prize – I’m picturing where the lemon tree will go and the tomato plants. Buon anno signora.

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      1. Ok so now you are teasing ! Ha- and sadly we lost our peach tree this year – it had a trunk problem – but we knew two years ago we could lose it and so we were prepped – and we might now replace it because we might move in a short while – but we will miss the peaches (small batch but home grown) 😏

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