People Watching in Lijiang, Yunnan

Posing for photographs is big time all over China. No one wants to look casual or natural. As local tourism takes off, Chinese like to record portraits of themselves in the most beautiful settings. People arrange themselves in intriguing ways- perfect backdrops, graceful gestures, romantic clothes.  Young women flock to the ancient town of Lijiang, Yunnan on the weekend: beauticians and costume hire shops can be found along the narrow lanes, part of the weekend fun for the girls. The ‘dress ups’ often evoke another era.

Girl on Bridge, Lijiang, Yunnan
Girl on Bridge, Lijiang, Yunnan.
Girl on bridge2, Lijiang, Yunnan
Girl on bridge 2, Lijiang, Yunnan
Girl on Bridge 3, Lijiang, Yunnan
Girl on Bridge 3, Lijiang, Yunnan

Playing Eye Spy was a pleasant pass time in such a beautiful town, which is the theme of this week’s Daily Post photography challenge, and  appropriate for Ailsa’s travel theme,  ‘Self‘ too.

14 thoughts on “People Watching in Lijiang, Yunnan”

  1. Hahaha, I love the photo of all the people taking photos! I have noticed, especially in our travels to places like botanic gardens, how many young Asian women are seriously posing for photos. It has an intensity to it that others taking selfies don’t seem to have. Very interesting observations and photos Francesca. Thank you.

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  2. You should link this up with Ailsa’s theme, though it’s perfect here too. I’ve noticed in my travels how seriously Chinese tourists take their inclusion in location shots, actually I’ve noticed it here too. Great pics again

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