The Boys of Camogli

There’s not much open space or parkland in the small town of Camogli, south of Genoa, Italy. The town spills down the hillside, with steep one way streets to the sea; parking is a nightmare, and the town is packed on the weekend. It was surprising and delightful, therefore, to find a small open playground so close to the lido, with young lads enjoying a game of soccer on a busy Sunday afternoon.

Calcio a Camogli

Thanks Ailsa for this weeks travel theme, camaraderie.

20 thoughts on “The Boys of Camogli”

  1. I passed Camogli on a train in mid-1983 and returned a few days later as I thought it looked so beautiful. The town was setting up for its annual fishfry with a gigantic metal frypan set on scaffolding. The bounty feeds the entire town!

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