Luminous Sound Relief

Sound relief Concert 2009.
Sound Relief Concert 2009. Midnight Oil.

On March 14th, Sound Relief was a multi- venue rock concert held to raise funds for the victims of the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires. The highlight of the Melbourne show was a rare appearance by Midnight Oil, with Peter Garrett on vocals. I’m so pleased they included the hit song Beds are Burning: it seemed so appropriate at the time, although the song is an appeal for Aboriginal land rights and was one of the important contributions to raising awareness of that issue among younger folk in the 1980s.

Peter Garrett belts out  Power and Passion.
Peter Garrett belts out Power and Passion.

What a show, and what an enormous amount of money raised which went into the Red Cross Appeal. It seems like yesterday. These photos are included in Ailsa’s travel themed prompt this week: Luminous


5 thoughts on “Luminous Sound Relief”

  1. You always come up with photos that are not immediately obvious, but fit the theme with these, Francesca. I look at them and think Oh my, I have no idea what photos I might have to fit that theme, as I did with this one! Well done! And with two computers no less!!


  2. This one popped up on the hard drive of the big desk top! When you switch computers, its amazing what you can find. Peter Garret’s head is one of those memorable things and as an old fan of the ‘Oils’, I prefer to remember him this way more than as a politician.


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