The Black Cat of Spello

The climb to the highest point in the Umbrian hill town of Spello, Italy, is steep but the view is stunning.  At sunset, the heat haze gives a pink glow to the olive groves and colline, the foothills sweeping up to stony Assisi in the distance. A welcome park bench awaits with an older gentleman keen to chat about the Roman ruins to be found a few steps away.

Assissi from Spello
Assisi from Spello

A black cat glides by and carefully balances on the drinking fountain, eager to quench its thirst.

ll gatto nero di Spello.
ll gatto nero di Spello.

The teenage girl can’t resist: she carefully pats the cat and follows it along the cobblestone path, yearning for a pet after her long months of travel.

Mischa ed il gatto nero
Mischa ed il gatto nero.
“Vieni con me, piccolo micio.”

23 thoughts on “The Black Cat of Spello”

  1. Great photos and story, Francesca! Somewhere I heard cities described as “cat” cities and “dog” cities. Paris, they said, is a cat city. Spello is too, obviously! I’d categorize New York as a dog city. 🙂 (How would you say that in Italian–una citta di gatti?)

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