Selma’s Sour Cherry, Coconut and Oat Slice.

They assure me that Spring has arrived. The nectarine tree is in full blossom, and there are signs of new energy in the vegetable garden. But I’m not so sure, it still feels quite wintery to me. The fires are going, a big pot of barley soup bubbles on the stove, made just for Noah.

This jam filled oat slice is a sweet winter warmer and made in memory of Selma. It was going to be a loaf of bread, in line with the many sourdough tributes baked in loving memory of Selma, but then I noticed this easy jammy slice, posted last May on her blog. If you didn’t make it back then, I can recommend this slice for ease of preparation, taste, and for the excellent and very clear instructions.

My adaptations included substituting blackberry jam for the sour cherry jam, and desiccated coconut for shredded. You could use any jam that needs using up. I can’t wait for the littlies to walk in the door and see how they go.

Selma’s Table. In Loving Memory.

21 thoughts on “Selma’s Sour Cherry, Coconut and Oat Slice.”

  1. Selma’s recipes were always very clear, and from the couple I made, turned out well. It’s very interesting that she could have made her presence so palpable from halfway around the world, and us never having met. She was a special person. I know how you feel about spring. It is only 6C here this morning and that is pretty cool for Alice Springs in September. But the flowers and plants tell the story and they are on the move! Welcome home, enjoy the littlies. x


    1. There are so many good recipes on her blog to explore. It is remarkable that, although people never actually met, they are quite palpable, in life and in death also. Perhaps one day we may be forced to redefine reality.
      Selma’s slice was so good, I even had three pieces and I never usually eat sweet things. The oats make it more digestible.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute and this looks like a beautiful recipe – I do love sour cherries. I did think we were having a slow start to Spring however apparently, this weekend it will be 26 and 27C – I can’t wait xx

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