The 3 Sis Vacation Lodge, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The entrance to the 3 Sis, down a Quiet soi.
The entrance to the 3 Sis, down a Quiet soi.

Just call me a creature of habit, but when I find a lovely place to stay, there really isn’t any reason to ‘shop around’. In Chiang Mai I always return to the 3 Sis Vacation Lodge. This modest sized boutique hotel is run by three charming sisters who are helpful, humourous and genuinely interested in the needs of their guests.

Sister number one, funny and helpful.
Beautiful Sister number one, funny and a gold mine of local knowledge.

The hotel is ideally situated inside the walls of the old city and opposite Wat Chedi Luang. Despite its central location, it is quiet, especially the rooms located along Phrapokkload Rd, Soi 8. Choosing can present a dilemma. The rooms in the front building facing the main road can be a little noisy in the morning, but then, imagine a room looking down on a golden Chedi below, with the sound of morning bells and gongs (7 am) and Wat Doi Suthep shining on the mountain in the distance? Double happiness.

Beautiful sister no 2. Affectionate and warm.
Beautiful sister no 2. Affectionate and warm.

The upstairs rooms in the back section along Soi 8 ( soi means lane), have windows fronting a quiet residential area with French windows opening onto the greenery below. Very Graham Green-esque! Squeeze a fresh lime into that Vodka or Gin, open the shutters and let the warm air work its afternoon magic. Another Wat bell rings: to sleep or to read, that is the question.

A little fresh air.
Fresh, tropical  air. Turning off that aircon!

The decor is clean and uncluttered, with beautiful Lanna (Northern Thai) decor. The beds are large and comfortable, the breakfast is sensible without being overwhelming, and the price suits my budget.

A simple unclutteed room comes with a writingdesk, a sitting area and a lovely bathroom, No plasma, no spa, no nonsense.
A simple uncluttered room comes with a writing desk, a sitting area and a big bathroom. Plenty of plugs to charge things, a fridge, and polished boards to caress your bare feet.

Downstairs the lobby area is airy and inviting, a place to plonk oneself after long days of walking, temple visiting, or feasting.

The lobby, 3 Sis, Chiang Mai
The lobby, the 3 Sis, Chiang Mai
Lobby , the 3 Sis, Chiang Mai.
Lobby , the 3 Sis, Chiang Mai.

On Sundays, the famous walking market begins outside the front door of the 3 Sis. This popular market sees the main streets ‘pedestrianised’ after 4pm, as thousands of stall holders set up their stalls for the highlight of the week. There is music, street food, wandering blind singers, tourist nick nacks, herbal medicine, deep-fried crickets and other bugs, sweets and all sorts of wonders, from North Thailand to Laos, for sale. It is popular with the locals as well as tourists. After the long slow stroll, worn out and over stimulated, it is so nice to come back to a gentle lobby and familiar faces.

Beautiful sister no 3, World travelller and ex Melbourne resident.
Beautiful sister no 3, World traveller and ex Melbourne resident.

The fine print:

Rates start from 1650 Baht per night ( AU$63), depending on season and room size.

the lobby at the 3 Sis, Chiang Mai.
The inviting lobby at the 3 Sis, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

15 thoughts on “The 3 Sis Vacation Lodge, Chiang Mai, Thailand.”

  1. Despite the lure of the new, tried and true is my preference also. If we stay or eat somewhere we like to return is so my better than reinventing the wheel. And in the good places I feel at home very quickly, settle in and not want to leave. The 3 Sis looks like that sort of place 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is rather homely. And I think we have eaten at the same restaurant four times- What is that old expression, ” when you’re on a good thing, stick to it”, except that was an ad for flyspray!


    1. Most of the ‘western’ style or upmarket resorts are way out of town.Those who use these type of places are forced into taking tuk tuks or cabs all the time to get back to the ancient city- and miss out on that spontaneous desire to just walk and discover things. Many people who go to resorts, stay in resorts- they are a world of their own.


    1. the lads would really like it- it is very kid friendly and lots of things that kids would enjoy- an elephant conservation park and rehab centre, fabulous night markets and fruit smoothies galore.
      Now chillaxing on the banks of the Mehkong river, looking over to Laos.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nancy, it is changing slowly, so far in nice way. The old city seems to have an eye on height issues and all new buildings give a nod to the old Lan na historical style of architecture. There are more little bars and art places. Chiang Mai has lost its old hippy/backpackeer/hill tribes walks scene and has entered the era of modern, cosmopolitan arty city. I quite like that transformation.
      Retirement has been good to use. We are now watching the mighty Mekhong flow, as we gaze over the Lao border.


    1. Sometimes I write these little posts about businesses in Asia as the nice people concerned get amused by them. This was certainly the case in Indonesia but I’m not so sure about this post- I don’t think the girls liked it even though I told them I was doing it and they seemed pleased about the concept.


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