Sea grasses, Great Barrier Reef

Under the sea, grass sways like a hula skirt around a giant clam. The underwater gardens of the Mackay Reef, off Cape Tribulation, in Far North Queensland, Australia are a natural wonderland. Global warming, the crown of thorns star fish invasion and coal mining, with its associated dredging and dumping off the coast, are the main threats to their survival.

Photo. Tranquillo Morgan.
Photo by Tranquillo Morgan.

The Great Barrier Reef risks being downgraded to a ‘World Heritage Site in danger’, thanks to the short sightedness of the current Australian Government. Despite warnings from UNESCO, a mega port development has been approved for dredging to create three shipping terminals as part of the construction of a coal port. The process will create around 3 million cubic metres of dredged seabed that will be dumped within the Great Barrier Reef marine park area.¹

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28 thoughts on “Sea grasses, Great Barrier Reef”

  1. A truly criminal act on the part of our government IMHO, guilty of nepotism, enviromental abuse and greed. Australians in the future will rue the day they gave this government power!!!! My little rant shouldn’t distract from the beauty of the sea grass captured by Mr T.

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    1. I’m happy for your rant and hope that more readers might do the same. Every day, we are confronted by more outrageous acts of stupidity by this small minded and ignorant lot.
      Mr T loves his underwater camera, but amongst his many gorgeous shots, there were many of broken and faded coral too.

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    1. Yes, that just about sums it up. Lets dump a whole lot of coal tailings in the sea- Oh and let’s forget that Gladstone and Townesville have 320 days of sun per year and yet not invest in solar energy up that way, or anywhere else. Yes, Australia- the laughing stock of the world because it is so backward!

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  2. Lovely pic Fran. I am more disillusioned with substantial ignorance that is ubiquitous within the Australian general public. This government is milking it to its full extent.
    I am glad Mr T got the underwater camera he liked.

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    1. The government, its policies and the general public who seem to accept these monstrous and backward leaps, make me angry and quite sad. Unfortunately, strong leadership in the opposition camps is also lacking.
      Meanwhile the Murdoch press holds sway and dishes up its daily dose of ignorance.

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  3. Beautiful photo that highlights the contrast between Australia’s environmental/ecological best interests, and the commercial Australia For Sale interests that go almost unchecked except for the farsighted people who are yet still deemed unfashionable out of touch with commercial reality greenies behind the smokescreen of no brainer domestic policy and political personality squabbles. Big sigh here.

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  4. whoops what I meant to say in full was What a marvellous picture and I hope Australia will preserve and protect the reef and realise what a truly unique treasure they are guardian of!

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  5. Great shot of seagrass – I have never done scubadiving or snorkling…Your government seems just as stupid and putting their heads in the sand as other governments are. A sad story. Doesn’t protests work? Major protests from Australians ? I guess most people don’t want this environmental catastrophe – but do they have the means to stop it? Here many people don’t seem to care unless it threatens their own property…

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    1. All the protesting in the world doesn’t seem to have any impact on our present government. Only a change in government may help- or may not. And to think that this is only just one environmental issue, there are so many more, where they show such backwardness.


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