Off-Season in Siena

Have you ever been to Siena in winter? It is beautiful, cold and local. City folk stroll along the cobblestone lanes in the evening, their long woollen coats float by as gentle snow drifts in from the dark cloudless night. Loud whispers and laughter echo along the vicoli, the narrow lanes of the historic centre. It’s never too cold for the passeggiataAlthough Siena is well touristed in any season, it is a nightmare to visit during July and August, as well as Easter. Out of season, it is a place of wonder, as tiny dark lanes give way to more and the Centro Storico twists and turns around its own steep hill. Getting lost daily is part of the joy.  Visit in the ‘off- season‘ and stay for a long time to understand the real spirit of Siena.

32 thoughts on “Off-Season in Siena”

  1. Ah, beautiful Siena! So gorgeous in any season! If you get a chance, I recommend going at the start of December for the Mercato del Campo food market – it is a culinary treat with stalls laden down with all manner of local cheese, prosciutto, salami, breads, biscuits, sweets and wines!! It is as close to heaven on earth for the tastebuds as I’ve found!! If you would like more info take a peek at my post on it here (hope you don’t mind the link, I don’t want to spam you!)

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  2. I have been to Siena in winter and it is great. Several years ago, before there was a fee to get into the duomo, I went in very early one morning and I was the only person in there. It was magical.

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  3. Love this take on Off-Season! Thanks for stopping by and liking my Off-Season Romance. I have to admit, I was stumped for quite a while on this challenge…..and since my blog is mainly about poetry with photos to complement, I was double stumped! But then the idea popped and voila…with some editing, it was done. So glad you liked it. Always especially pleased to receive a Like from a photographer. Although I must say, your words here about Sienna off-season could easily comprise a prose poem!
    We were in Bermuda for all of February, their winter, their off-season. We went with the idea of just “living” and experiencing being a part of it — rather than being a typical tourist. As you say here, “Out of season, it is a place of wonder, as tiny dark lanes give way to more “….no cruise ships, relatively no tourists, residents relaxed and unhurried, unjostled. So many lanes to discover, local eateries, local culture. If you go back to my blog, take a peek at the Travel Muse Header and look at the poem about Clouds with photos of St. Peters. We found serenity there — something you don’t often find during tourist season!
    So here’s to more off-season experiences!

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    1. Yes, so many off season experiences in mine too. We tend to use the expression ‘out of season’ in Australia. My photos are only visual props for my words. I am a writer first and foremost, then a cook, and finally a traveller who takes photos. I only ever travel out of season.

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  4. Siena is my bright spot! I’ve loved to meander the winding medieval streets and dine in the many cozy eateries with chefs who conjure up heavenly Sienese delights. Thank you for taking me back.


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