Modern Melbourne. North and South of the Yarra.

Looking south across the Yarra river from the stately entrance of the old Customs House building (1875), I noticed these modern buildings shimmering in the winter sky.

In the colonial painting below, two men stand on the same spot and look north across the river, as they survey Melbourne.

The Customs House is now the site of the Immigration Museum, a great place to visit.


22 thoughts on “Modern Melbourne. North and South of the Yarra.”

  1. What a great pair of photos! It is amazing to see how much growth there has been in quite a short period of time. The debate, of course, is around the nature of that growth….

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  2. Wow. Don’t you wonder what the forefathers would have thought if they saw things now? I always wonder that. Would they have made different decisions or would they be happy with what they had done? Lovely photo of the shining city buildings.


  3. Love the contrasts, but then, Melbourne has loads of them! I love our Immigration Museum. A visit should be mandatory to all Aussies, just to remind them they don’t have exclusive right of occupation!

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    1. The south of Melbourne’s ‘Centro’ has been dominated by docklands in the past so modernisation tends to occur there.
      Yes, indeed Italy’s city centres are intact, but the spread on the surrounding’ periferie ‘ can be a nightmare.


  4. I’d love to visit the Immigration Museum. It connects us with so much of makes multi-cultural Australia wonderful. I hadn’t known about it but next time we’re in Melbourne we’ll go. Such a difference.

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