On the Way in Santiago di Compostela.

On the way to the cathedral of Santiago di Compostela, I noticed this guitarist. He wasn’t busking but probably was on the way somewhere himself when taken by the urge to play a tune.

The music of Santiago di Compostela, Galicia, Spain is intriguing. Unlike most Spanish music, Galician music is strongly Celtic in origin. Further along the way, I was seduced by the distant sound of bagpipes echoing from a portico below the cathedral. As I got closer, the sound amplified in the darkness, overwhelming my emotions.

Santiago di Compostela is memorable for so many reasons, not just its famous Camino!

24 thoughts on “On the Way in Santiago di Compostela.”

  1. well, i guess the whole thing about the Santiago de Compestela journey is exactly ‘the way’ there…
    how wonderful to hear bagpipes..

    i love it that music puncutated this journey. very interesting too about this part of spain’s language being similiar to Celtic…

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    1. indeed, it is all about the way there, but the music and food is sensational too. Galicia, Btrittany in France and Ireland- all in a line- all with the same celtic influences.

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  2. When I saw this WPC, the first thing I thought of was the film “The Way” by Emilio Estevez. I am glad someone (you) offered the way to Santiago de Compestela.

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  3. I’m sure it’s memorable for many reasons. I’ve read several books written by people about their Camino De Santiago pilgrimage. You’ve shared a lovely snapshot.


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