Hats of Furukawa Festival, Japan

Furukawa is located in Gifu prefecture, Japan, not far from the beautiful old town of Takayama. The annual ‘naked’ festival is held on April each year. On the afternoon of the 19th, elaborately decorated festival floats are carted into Furukawa town. From 9 pm on that day, continuing until early morning of the 20th, the Okoshi Daiko, an enormous drum atop a tower, is carried through the streets by hundreds of men clad only in cotton loincloths, despite the cold. 1-Rae&Stu2 151 These shots of Japanese men in hats (and clothes) were taken as the floats went down the street, before the start of the Okoshi Daiko. 1-Rae&Stu2 142 And a modern hatted young man observes the parade from behind. I wonder if he might join in one day?1-Rae&Stu2 150 Thanks Ailsa for an appealing travel prompt.

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