Ephemeral Rolls

I am surrounded by beautiful ephemera: a spent fine feather of a King Parrot recently found, the golden leaves of the Gleditsia begin to fall, this morning’s Autumn haze slowly lifts. Yet in my kitchen stands the ultimate ephemeral icon: the sausage roll.


How long will 150 mini sausage rolls last at a teenage party tonight? Pass the sauce!


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/ephemeral/”>Ephemeral</a&gt;

32 thoughts on “Ephemeral Rolls”

  1. They look delicious! I think you should time them. I had my son’s football team here once..only 22 showed up but I barely had room for their gigantic running shoes. We fed them ten extra large pizzas and there wasn’t a crumb left.


  2. I’d go those right now too. Yummo. Ephemeral has been my word of the week but related to rarely flowing creeks and pollution events. Amazing that it should pop up blogland too!


    1. I was wandering through Coles yesterday as part of this mad catering frenzy for the teenager and my eye glanced down to that $8.00 special – and the row was EMPTY. Not fair. Maybe I’ll see if they have replenished their stock.


    1. I am taking photos and doing mini posts along the way to keep sane. Sausage rolls, mini quiches, and sandwiches- very boring stuff. Appropriate fodder for the younger mob! But let me tell you about my legs…………….


  3. 10 minutes I reckon! Tis a lot of work but so much nicer (not to mention cheaper) than all the packaged stuff. Great food to make ahead and freeze in batches. They will love it!


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