Fresh Autumnal Days by the Sea.

The March equinox occurred in Melbourne at 8.45 am this morning, just as I crawled out of the dark canvas cave of my camper trailer. Magpies and Wattle birds sing, celebrating the gentle day ahead.

Coastal Banksia
Coastal Banksia

In harmony with the date, the temperature will reach 21 degrees celsius, ( 69.8 F) – too cool to swim, yet perfect weather to walk along wild beaches. Autumn in Victoria, Australia, is my favourite season. The days are fresh but warm, the nights a little chilly. Birds sing and hunt, plants enjoy the overnight moisture and flower anew.


Kookaburras have become rather friendly this Autumn.


The wild back beach of Gunnamatta forms part of the Mornington Peninsula National Park. It is hard to believe that this wilderness is only 75 minutes drive from Melbourne. We are the only visitors.


In response to two prompts this week, Spring at Where’s My Backpack and Fresh at Daily Post, WordPress.

Cool sunset on Port Phillip Bay
Cool sunset on Port Phillip Bay

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32 thoughts on “Fresh Autumnal Days by the Sea.”

  1. It has taken a couple of days for that autumn breeze to reach up here in Alice! Finally, today, we are feeling what is autumnal weather for us. On our recent trip to coastal Fleurieu Peninsula, the beaches were very sparsely populated and absolutely gorgeous. There might be a yearly excursion to southern beaches in the making. That Kookaburra shot is amazing! Hope you had a nice break.


    1. We did Ardys and I hope you did too. Our camp is still set up until the end of April, but more inside card games might occur in the cold evenings. An annual trip down to the Fleurieu Peninsula sounds wonderful. x


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