20 thoughts on “Graceful Women of Varkala, India”

  1. You are so right. Indian woman float along without the carefully arranged folds of their saris becoming displaced. I think it’s because they knew how to carry a load of their head!


  2. Francesca, Indian women make me feel so ugly. When we were in India, I could not help but compare myself (loud, no makeup, short hair, jeans, tea shirt etc) with them (gorgeous coloured flowing sari, lovely long black oiled hair, graceful etc) Oh dear. What memories.


    1. I feel the same way when in India. Even in the dusty, dirty streets or fields, Indian women look graceful, clean, elegant- they move so well, even with heavy weights on their heads. Did you venture into the sari shops? Every sari is different. I never saw anyone in the same design or colour.


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