50 Shades of Bay. The Environment of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery summer my extended family spends time camping at Port Phillip Bay, simply known as ‘The Bay’. Geographically, the bay covers 1,930 square kilometres (480,000 acres) and the shore stretches roughly 264 km (164 miles), providing a wonderful summer playground for many Melbournians.


We love the bay and its ever shifting moods, skies and tides. Storms are exciting; sunsets are to be witnessed and documented. The bay provides space for private reflection when melancholia descends. On hot airless nights when it’s too difficult to sleep, the shoreline affords a cooler sandy space to while away the hours. Daytime brings children and families to play and dig sand castles on the emerging tidal sand bars, older children learning how to snorkel or body surf in safe, lagoon like warm water. On gusty days, wind surfers and kite surfers arrive in vast numbers.


Over the years, environmental concerns have been raised about the delicate nature of our beautiful bay. The EPA monitors water quality, land care groups work to protect the creeks and natural flora and fauna along the shore, old invasive practices, such as groyne installation, have thankfully gone out of mode. Bay lovers are more aware than in days gone by, about the importance of sea grasses and protection of native flora. Fish species are monitored and catch limits imposed. The bay has a healthy stock of pinkies, snapper, flathead, and whiting. Removal of shellfish such as pippies, is an offence.


One environmental pest we would like to see removed is the Jet Ski.  Our national icon, Leunig, poet and cartoonist, puts it this way:

– Michael Leunig –

Ode To A Jet-Ski Person was written by Michael Leunig and comes from Poems 1972-2002, published by Viking

Thanks Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack for another engaging Saturday morning travel theme, Environment.

45 thoughts on “50 Shades of Bay. The Environment of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria.”

  1. Hi Francesca (my blister) – Terry & I are driving down to Rosebud this weekend to spend 3 nights there. We are going mainly for Michael’s birthday, Mum’s birthday and to see Aunty Joan. However, the bay has a lot of appeal also! It will be great to spend some time sitting on the sand at night and going for a swim during the day. We enjoyed a week at Lorne just recently and just loved it – it’s a beautiful seaside village. Victoria has so many beautiful beaches. Will have to stay at Anglesea and Lorne again but. See you soon.


  2. Love, love Leunig and this poem is the bees knees. We are also ‘non-fans’ of jet skis and were complaining about them at Chrissy. Great post and great photos. We used to visit there in my youth. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.


  3. It is a beautiful tribute to the Bay. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos. I love how, in some parts, like Dromana, you look to the horizon and see the towers of Melbourne rising out of the water like Atlantis!

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  4. ’50 shades of bay’? ;D Oh dear, that ’50 shades of…’ is really embedded in the culture now, isn’t it? Re jet skis, I still remember years ago (like 30 maybe) there being lots of press about two young girls who were hit by a jet ski and both ended up with amputations as a result of their injuries – I’ve found them horrible scary things every since…


    1. I know- couldn’t resist the fact that;-
      bay rhymes with grey.
      I know it’s a bit passé,
      but hey,
      words will have their way.
      And have a good day xx

      I don’t remember that awful accident. How sad and yes, they are scary and many of the drivers are aggressive and often too young to understand how dangerous they are.

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  5. Wow I can see I am in good company. I often felt like I was the only one who didn’t like jet skis. My cottage is on a bay in the Great Lakes and the noise, the pollution and the danger that these machine pose quickly ruin the serenity of being by the water.


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