Travel Theme: Industry in Myanmar

Pre- industrial  forms of industry  continue in rural areas of Myanmar. Step back in time and watch these oxen tread the same path, day in day out, as they turn these ancient cogs to extract peanut oil from the nuts.

Working Bullock in small peanut oil industry, Myanmar
A bullock works to extract peanut oil  Myanmar

At this point, you may be feeling some pity for the poor oxen. No need. These oxen are very well fed and are rewarded for their work.


Notice the eye of the beast. He knows that his twenty minute shift is nearly up. He watches the build up of peanut butter, a waste product and one that he will shortly enjoy. A break and a rest, a peanut butter snack, and it’s back to work.


The photos below show the young men scraping away the peanut butter. The photo that is missing, but the one you can imagine, is the now still beast, his long tongue swinging and salivating in anticipation.



Below is the other shift worker, resting and waiting for his turn.  Peanuts are a major crop grown in Myanmar and peanut oil, freshly pressed in this manner, would be a prized oil indeed.


22 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Industry in Myanmar”

  1. thanks for this culture post – glad the oxen are treated so well – there are a lot of old sayings (quotes and proverbs) about oxen and I your post brings this emote to life for me.


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