Travel Theme: Laughter

The theme, laughter, has been chosen this week in response to the tragic and barbaric acts in France.  Ailsa, in her excellent post,  Laughter as a Political Act, sums it up this way,

If you can hold a harbinger of terror up to ridicule, if you can mock those who seek to oppress, if you can laugh at the ugliest of human behaviours, conventions, beliefs and traits, you diminish their power to terrorize, control and censor.

The little stone carvings below can be found in Bali, especially around remote villages near Ubud, and are used to scare away demons. While not images of hilarity, they are quite funny. I include them here in response to Ailsa’s chosen theme, the embracing of laughter.

Je Suis Charlie

1-IMG_6396-002 1-IMG_6398-001 1-IMG_6394-001

18 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Laughter”

  1. They’re absolutely mesmerizing, Francesca – I especially like that one with the messed up mouth on the right hand side in the top photo, he’s hilarious. 🙂


  2. Fabulous image Francesca, your little stone figures certainly brought smile to my lips, A laughter revolution is just what we need to break the irrational level of fear and racial/religious tension that is building

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    1. Yes, it is awful to live in fear or to promote it. I mentioned to Mr T that penises ( see last image) are always so funny, and he replied, ” NO, they’re fun!”


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