The Little Yellow Vespa of Lucca.

I wonder who owns this little yellow Vespa? How many wonderful buildings does it pass each day? Scooting around the medieval lanes close to Centro,  then onto larger streets, passing decadent villas and the tree topped towers of the Giunigi. The ghost of Elise Bonaparte waves an imperial hand and the sounds of Puccini echo as musicians and singers practice tonight’s performance.  A quick run out to the ancient walls of the city for some fresh air or maybe to meet il ragazzo under a chestnut tree, then a meander back, down to the long weekly market just below the walls. Perhaps it’s time for a coffee in the Piazza di Anfiteatro before heading home for lunch.

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16 thoughts on “The Little Yellow Vespa of Lucca.”

  1. I once had a red and white motorbike and it travelled a lot . Here’ss something I wrote about the experiences it had::


    Red and white flame of power: you unbar
    my prison and deliver me into
    freedom’s arms. The wind of the plains sings through
    me as fleet wheels spin and carry me afar.

    The whole earth unfolds around: vineyards yield
    their ripened clusters in smiling valleys,
    silver castles pass while the sun dallies
    with my face and heaven’s grace is revealed.

    There is ecstasy in the engine’s pulse,
    a leap of joy in the throttle’s release:
    swiftness and light, sky and motion’s increase
    transfigured into a boundless impulse.

    And when, through traffic and concrete, I ride
    to work I don’t care: these wheels have had sight
    of alpine glaciers and the eagle’s flight
    and blue waters by the sea’s golden side.

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