The Golden Shoes of Lucca.

On one of our trips to Lucca, our dear friend Rod became rather taken with these golden shoes, as well as many other scarpe lucchese . He bought four pairs.

Rod's Golden shoes.
Rod’s Golden shoes.

We stayed in the San Concordio district in a little apartment within walking distance of the station.  Our kitchen window framed the cistern of the Nottolini aqueduct and the foothills of the Garfagnana mountains.  In the late afternoon, it became our golden temple. This, and the Nottolini aqueduct are not so well known to travellers.

Cisterno do San Concordio
Cisterno do San Concordio

Thanks Ailsa, and a Golden Christmas greeting to you at Where’s My Backpack.

16 thoughts on “The Golden Shoes of Lucca.”

  1. Wow! Those are some shoes. The Italians really do have ‘it’ when it comes to design and making clothing and accessories. The golden temple would have been a wonderful sight from your kitchen window. I can imagine it. Have a lovely Christmas, Francesca.

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  2. fun take on the challenge – and I actually have a pair of shoes similar (smaller) and not the same color at all – but they are black and white soccer sneakers from Umbro.
    but the golden ones – very cool – I can see why he bough 4 pair

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      1. and it also just looks like a fun travel thing to bring back – ha! and seeing that we can;t really travel with letter openers – well some golden shoes — ❤


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