Converge: Pick Me up for Work.

1-IMG_1007We are standing on the banks of the Yangtze river close to its convergence with the Min River at Yibin, Sichuan Province in China.  A large cargo boat travelling upstream slows down. A ferry waits at the scene. There is a man dressed in white standing on the edge of the ferry. 1-IMG_1008The boats finally converge. The man in white is hauled up and off to work he goes.


At the Daily Post, you may find other images on convergence.

16 thoughts on “Converge: Pick Me up for Work.”

    1. Hi Ardys, This boat manoevre took at least half an hour. I was mesmerised. Imagine being picked up that way! We really went to Yibin as my Chinese friends knew of a fabulous noodle restaurant there- better than any other- so, why not drive an extra 100 kms to try them.


    1. I know, I thought I should have some rotating pics at the top. The best part about these photo challlenge thingies is that I am forced to remember the names of places and then Mr T and I have a little geographical chat then it’s back to work, Hi Ho!

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  1. Well done for sticking around to see what was happening, definitely an unconventional way to go to work. It must have been nail biting watching the larger vessel converge on the ferry. Great pics. So, were the noodles worth the long detour?


    1. Oh yes they were. Travelling with a local foody was a treat. I don’t seem to be able to get my pics to load onto the wordpress site. Any way of actually contacting real people who run these challenges? This happened last week too, but not the week before . Weird.


        1. Yes, they are on the post, but not in the compilation on wordpress. I have just tried something else which might work. This hapened last week too, so am getting a bit frustrated with wordpress. We will see…


          1. I’ve noticed when the pingbacks are windows there is a limited number, but when they appear as comments it limitless, so those outside the US time zones will always miss out on a linking with a window. I don’t think the pingbacks are much value with the photo challenges anyway, so don’t stress


        1. Hi Sandra, just found out that wordpress is having a problem loading pingbacks, so many aren’t loading. Good to know I am not the only one. Have a great time at the beach.


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