Achievement: A Sunday Reflection

Who built this little castle of driftwood on the sands of the 90 Mile Beach, silvering limbs sought of equal length, to create an airy teepee? A thing of beauty, an achievement, an installation made by man or sea? Moulded and shaped by a king tide on full moon? Today it is here, tomorrow gone. Achievements, like possessions, are transient.1-IMG_4215-001

15 thoughts on “Achievement: A Sunday Reflection”

    1. I will Jane and you too. At last it is raining. Looked like another drought was on the way but we just got 33mls- now that is something to celebrate. Hope you got some rain too, F


  1. I love your picture and the accompanying text is very thought provoking… especially your last line got me thinking.. “Achievements, like possessions, are transient” … would that apply to the achievements of the heart and spirit too?


  2. Lovely image! I recently posted about a driftwood sculpture as well. It mysteriously appeared and then just as mysteriously disappeared a few weeks later. It’s fun to imagine where they came from and who made them.


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