Trentham Estate Restaurant, Mildura

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMildura is situated on the banks of the slow winding Murray river in the far North-West corner of Victoria, Australia. It calls like a sunny siren from its distant post, attracting many travellers in winter and early spring, those who wish to experience big, blue skies and sunny days. The land is flat but very productive, given that 80% of Victoria’s wine grapes come from this area, along with crops of oranges, avocados, and other vegetables. The architecture is modern and bland, with a touch of Spanish Mission here and there. It is an odd town but still very appealing, with broad city streets lined with palm trees and ornamental vines, one famous hotel and some very good art galleries.

We have stopped here for the night on our journey to the outback. First stop is lunch at Trentham Estate winery, then an overnight camp along the banks of the Murray River, followed by a morning visit to the Sunraysia Farmers’ Market.

View from the outdoor tables on the verandah
View from the outdoor tables on the verandah

Lunch at Trentham Estate Restaurant.

I started with a leek and potato soup, which came with some surprising little extras on the side, a dollop of house made tapenade with a touch of lemon zest, some crisps, and small wedges of roasted zucchini. Small, but very satisfying, especially with the tapenade swirled through the soup.


Mr Tranquillo opted for a main course only, although I knew that he would devour half my dolce. A substantial fish pie, containing Murray Cod, smoked salmon, and prawns, this dish was well executed and I was extremely jealous. I scored a few forkfuls!


seafood pie, creamy and substantial.
seafood pie, creamy and substantial.

I opted for another entrée, this time a tart of roasted beetroot, creamy fetta and caramelised onion. The puff pastry overwhelmed this dish and I felt that the dish was too dry.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Next came a dessert of quince tarte tatin, served with ice cream and hazlenut. This little treat stole the show, and as predicted, Mr T developed a taste for half.


The other pleasure to be found at Trentham is the wine tasting room with its glorious view and pleasant staff. We purchased the Nebbiolo. This Italian variety is hard to find in Melbourne. Trentham’s vintage did not disappoint.

Wine tasting room at Trentham Estate.
Wine tasting room at Trentham Estate.


Sturt Highway
Trentham Cliffs
NSW 2738

9 thoughts on “Trentham Estate Restaurant, Mildura”

  1. Great post and review. It’s been years since I have visited Mildura. Good on you for scoring some fish pie forkfuls and the quince tarte tatin looks super. (Shame you had to share it…)


  2. Looks like that one will have to be added to ‘the list’. I’m a fiend for tarte tatin, though, so that really stole my heart. I had to laugh at the photo of the fish pie with Mr T’s patiently waiting hands in the background. It’s exactly what I do to my husband, who is also a ‘tranquillo’ person. Very enjoyable post, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for showing us these; Another place on the ‘to go to’ list. I looked them up and not overpriced either. Can’t wait to see your entries on all the other places you have visited.


  4. How gorgeous Francesca. Do you know we held our wedding reception in a marquee on the lawn right next to the restaurant way back in 2000! It was spectacular, the restaurant did the catering and wine, naturally. I love Mildura. I wonder which parts of the outback you are heading to? Enjoy!


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