Travel Theme: Edge

2012 417Behold the edge! A trip down the Great Ocean Road is a rewarding experience with glorious views of the edge of Victoria, Australia, all the way from Lorne to Port Campbell. It is a roller coaster ride and the best road trip to do if you are visiting this state.

2012 392

The edge of Victoria looks gnawed by the sea at the 12 Apostles, near Port Campbell. These stacks, arches, caves and stumps look dramatic at any time of the year and slowly change over time. One day an arch, the next day two stumps.  2012 397Visit Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Edge this week at Where’s My Backpack.

16 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Edge”

  1. Beautiful views of the Apostles; perfect for the challenge Francesca. You beat me to it as I was going to post similar images from our visit a few years ago, but yours are more stunning so I am happily enjoying yours 🙂


  2. I love this themed use of your photo archive, Francesca, very interesting. I also enjoy seeing how your mind works to interpret the them each week. We recently drove the Great Ocean Road again and it is spectacular. Beautiful post.


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