Travel Theme: Simplify

In her introduction to this week’s travel theme, Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack referred to Henry Thoreau’s ‘Walden’.  I was delighted to be reminded of this contemplation on simple living after so many years.  I recall reading this many years ago as a student and remember thinking at the time that it was rather self-indulgent and tedious.  Even though I am much older now and hopefully wiser, and definitely more opinionated, I still think this is the case.

As for the theme, simplify, this is something that we should all reflect upon from time to time. Time spent at Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia gives the visitor time to live simply, walk, enjoy native flora and fauna and beautiful rock formations like the one below.

A Rock in Tidal River, Wilson's Promontory, Australia.
A Rock in Tidal River, Wilson’s Promontory, Australia.


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