Santiago di Compostella. Sunday Stills/Faces

An amazed local.
An amazed local.

This week, Ed has nominated ‘Faces’ as the theme for Sunday Stills. I have chosen a few characters who hang around Santiago di Compostella. I am sure they won’t mind too much having their face plastered all over the internet. They stand and gaze at the pilgrims in wonder and have been doing so for a long time.

Santiago ( St James) himself in very nice hat.
Santiago ( St James/St Jaques) himself in a very nice hat, complete with Coquilles St Jaques.
don't be so modest.
Don’t be so modest.
Who me?
Who me?

16 thoughts on “Santiago di Compostella. Sunday Stills/Faces”

  1. Frantastic faces! I love the detail – the coquilles on the hat, the tight curls on the amazed face and the teeth just peeking out from the last one (a leper? couldn’t tell, but it looks like his nose and two of his fingers are a bit odd).


  2. Your images brought a smile to my face Francesca. These guys look like regular people you would meet on the street, sculptured by a very sure hand and little affected by erosion too. Are they all from the one piece?


    1. They were most likely by the same hand. Sculpted from real folk for sure. The ‘characters’ were from one building, the one of Saniago, another. He looks like a handsome devil!!! Thanks for jolting the brain.


    1. I had a shell souvenir too, although it was lost in the bushfire. I was so pleased that these photos were on a disc in my son’s house, as they were taken in 2008. after Siena, Santiago di Compostella is a firm favourite. Wet and celtic. Loved it. Have to go back there one day.


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