Entrances and Gateways.

Tang dynasty shrines, temples and houses draw you in, inviting you to explore further. Entrances lead you to the numerous courtyards within, giving real meaning to the word ‘amazing.’  Most entrances lead you ahead, others take you sideways.


Masters of Feng Shui, the Tang dynasty ( 618- 907 AD) was the Golden Age of Chinese culture. Tang dynasty courtyard design is now quite fashionable  and is copied in boutique hotels in Chengdu.


Many large houses remain- they are sympathetically renovated of course – from this era, and the best examples can be found in the ancient city of Langzhong  in the north of Szechuan province, as well as at the beautiful shrine to Dufo, the famous Tang dynasty poet, in Chengdu.


Follow me through a few entrances, gateways and courtyards. Smell the oil in the wood.  Sit an Imperial exam in the oldest remaining examination hall. Sip tea or dine in the courtyards within. The ancient houses of Langzhong are open to the public and some are now hotels.


This post is a response to Ed’s photo challenge this week, Entrances and Gateways, on Sunday Stills



8 thoughts on “Entrances and Gateways.”

  1. Are these photos from China? They look very much like the buildings in Hoi An, Vietnam. I believe that Hoi An was originally settled by Chinese merchants hundreds of years ago, so I guess it would make sense. Still a strange feeling to know they’re so far apart and so very similar.


    1. Yes, I took these last month in Northern Szechuan province. I am sure there would be similar buildings in Hoi an, as the Chinese did move south to this area.


  2. That’s our favourite dish right there in the left hand corner of the bottom photo – wood ear fungus with lily bulbs!!! I love the wooden fretwork in these buildings.


    1. There are so many of these buildings also in Chengdu. Dufo’s temple is a treat with Tang dynasty style buildings, courtyards and beautiful gardens. i mention this for your trip later this year.
      Woodear fungus and lily bulbs are so tasy and a good foil for a spicy Mapo Dofu.


    1. The ancient towns of China are well preserved. No traffic can enter. They are beautiful places to visit. It’s a China we rarely think about, given the nature of modern china.


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