Timeless Bali

Frangipani blossoms drop silently from branches.

A black kite soars in the evening sky like a giant stingray in a waterless sea.

Scattered floral offerings decoratively litter the ground.

IMG_6086Gamelon sounds in the distance, precursor to another funeral.

Slender young women glide by, all lacy kebaya and sarong.

Dusk is too fleeting.


Bali girls Roosters crow before dawn and wander at will.

A magic lizard on the bathroom wall feigns  a new colour

Early morning, and the night’s fallen jewels are swept away.


Tempe and Tofu, long beans and coconut, sambal pedas

Tumbles of greens with peanut sauce,

Krupuk, Bintang and fruit shakes.


 I’m back in Bali again,

The gentle Bali of my dreams,

This time in Pemuteran.


10 thoughts on “Timeless Bali”

    1. Most of the Aussies, English and other bogan party animals tend to stay along the Kuta and Legian strip. It doesn’t take much to steer clear of these zones. We are currently staying on the North west coast in a fairly remote area. There are no shops, no big bars- just a handful of peaceful retreats, 8 restaurants and some dive shops. The folk here have worked hard to restore the reef and turtles are returned to the sea. ( the turtle programme and restoration of the degraded reef was started up by an Australian). The Balinese are happy and smiling and continue with their daily rituals as well as making income from things like diving tours and restaurants. Oddly enough, even down in the busy parts of Bali, the Balinese have retained their Hindu religiousity- perhaps the importance of ritual has increased over the 30 years we have been visiting this island.
      BUT- yes, I do blanch at the singleted ockers that board the plane back to Oz. They experience a different Bali to the one I enjoy. I wonder sometimes if I am just a snob.


      1. I don’t think that honouring a culture and immersing yourself in it with respect is snobbish at all. Perhaps I should reconsider Bali as a travel destination…


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