Travel theme: World Cups

After an enforced absence from posting due to internet censorship in China, with no access to Google, Gmail or WordPress, I re-visit my blog tentatively, my brain now wonderfully word slow but over stimulated with image and colour.

This week, Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack, has chosen World Cups as the travel theme. With all the tea in China, beautiful cups are never far from sight.

The cups above graciously decorate a Tea House in Chengdu, Szechuan Province, China. The cups below wait for the return of Mao in a well preserved Tang dynsasty courtyard house in Langzhong, an ancient city in the north of Szechuan. Mao visited this particular courtyard house on the Long March. Mao memorabilia is now quite scarce in capitalistic China.


9 thoughts on “Travel theme: World Cups”

  1. sorry you have limited access – and well, enjoyed what you shared here – so nice!! love the table in the bottom photo – but the cups are wonderful – such art! great photos too


  2. There you are … πŸ™‚ Love your response. The light, especially, on those delicate blue cups, is lovely. The Mao cups – so sentimental, surprisingly so: the sort of thing the old Royals are supposed to have indulged in, back in Victorian days.


    1. Yes, a month in China, spending too much time in Tang dynasty courtyards and falling in love with Tang poetry. Now in the north of Bali, so its back to the blog.


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