Bangkok Cheap Eats. 2014


There are over 7,000 restaurants in Bangkok listed on Trip Adviser and there are probably another 10,000 or more that aren’t, not counting all the street food stalls. Temptation is everywhere in this glorious city of food. I am always plotting my next meal adventure, which can involve great hikes in the heat or elaborite map making exercises to explain the directions to a taxi driver.

We also have a few little eating rituals. Lunches come in cheaply at a dollar or two per head and then we lash out at dinnertime. We rarely go into the big business centre, home to some glorious ( and expensive) restaurants, preferring to support those in our own neck of the woods. Image

An early lunch at my favourite little Chinese place is essential, especially if it’s teeming with rain outside. Located opposite the Fort in Banglamphu, it is not listed anywhere and doesn’t have an English name. It is spotlessly clean and reminds me of Old China town shops in Penang and KL before they all disappeared. A bowl of prawn wonton soup with or without noodles is 60 Bhat ( $2.00) and with a big glass pot of iced tea with lemon, 30 Bhat ( $1.00), this will keep you going until you are tempted by a second lunch. There is something about wontons, tropical rain and tea, or am I strange?


Another little place nearby, but in the backpacker area of Rambuttri, the Gecko Bar, an old timer, whips up a a generous plate of vegetarian Pad Thai, studded with egg, tofu, greens, nuts and lime, which will set you back 35 Bhat- $1.00. Just perfect with a pot of Chang beer on a hot day ( which is every day here). Chang beer- large bottle for two people- 80 Bhat.Image

And something sweet to share? These caramel peanut biscuits are cooked on the street in a big oil filled wok. They are irresistable. Six big nut filled bickies for 20 Bhat or 70 cents. Are they healthy? probably not. Do I care?


Next instalments- the Coup d’etat, up market Bangkok restaurants, street food and Indigo shopping.



10 thoughts on “Bangkok Cheap Eats. 2014”

    1. haha, that was quick! Eating options and Obsessions you might say. and then there’s sleep- afternoons when its too hot. Up at 5 am blogging- crazy! at least I have given up bread here.


      1. Every time Bangkok is mentioned on the news I think of you. I sound like my own mother who thought it wasn’t safe for us to travel in Turkey years ago! Have fun….


        1. Ah that is so nice! My mother was the same ( well still is really) but now it is my adult kids I have to report to, and you too! I am too old to get caught up. No selfies with the army for me- they all have big guns. Down to read the bangkok Post, the only reliable source of info.


  1. I am now stalking your blog to make sure you are ok! My request for daily emails has not worked while you are there but I am happy to salivate over one of my favourite cuisines and check in on your activities 🙂
    Enjoy the heat while we endure the second day of winter.


    1. i only recently found this comment due to my move to china, where I was cut off from Google. All can say rach, is that if you keep using skype, emails become obsolete! xx


  2. What a bargain! I haven’t seen food that cheap since I don’t know when! And with so many choices, it’s great you support the local restaurants in your area. And as for those peanut cookies, they look and sound amazing and like you, I wouldn’t care about the calorie count! xx


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