Sunsets of the Mornington Peninsula. Sunday Stills.


Every year from February through to the end of April, a caravanserai of family members lands on the foreshore at Rosebud. Aunts, Uncles, Great Grandmothers and Nannas, nieces with new babes, daughters, sons, lovers and ex- lovers from USA, the mob gets bigger annually. Cousins try to work out if they are first, second or once removed. Four birthdays are celebrated at the beach and Easter Eggs are buried in the sand on Easter Sunday.

One of the family rituals is to meander down to the beach ( a mere stone’s throw away) at sunset. The oldies have a drink in hand, the youngsters dig in the sand or cartwheel in the setting sun. Ed, from Sunday Stills, has nominated Sunrises and sunsets for this weeks photographic challenge.


25 thoughts on “Sunsets of the Mornington Peninsula. Sunday Stills.”

    1. These are early Autumn skies- the best time in Melbourne. The colours are real, not doctored. My daughter thinks her sunset shots of the beach are better still. I am daring her to post them.


    1. Oh I hope we are! The ex- lover in question has a child by my nephew so when she comes out from the States to stay at the beach, the little bloke can learn about his vast extended family.


  1. I love our sunsets. We had a stunner here in South Melbourne just the other night, as a harbinger of warm days. I’ve never experienced the Rosebud crush of campers but have passed the area often enough in the past (no longer) on my way to Main Ridge (a friend lives there) via a stop at Mornington for lunch at Harba Restaurant (can recommend them, if they’re still there).


    1. We don’t stay there during the crush. From Feb through to April, the place clears out, with crowds only on the long weekend in march and Easter. So we have the place to ourselves. Now that the Peninsula Freeway goes all the way to the Peninsula, we no longer see Mornington. But I will keep that place in mind if I do a side trip. The wineries of Redhill are all gorgeous.


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