Travel Theme: Metal

When Ailsa from Where’s My Backpack nominated this week’s theme, I thought my digital shoe box would not suggest much in the way of Metal. I was pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of metallic gems from around the globe.

I have chosen a few snaps from one of my favourite seaside towns, Apollo Bay. Situated on the West Coast of Victoria, Australia, at the end of the Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay is a relaxing place with a village atmosphere, a lovely old wharf and jetty and a small fishing fleet.Image

Above: Rusty metal cray pots line the old wooden jetty.


Above: Modern beach houses built in corrugated iron, a much favoured building material in Australia.


5 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Metal”

    1. Hi Jann, No they are well insulated between the iron outer skin, and the inner walls. New buildings like this must have a five star energy rating to get building permits from local councils. I just love the fact that corrugated iron, which was mostly used in the past for rooves, tanks and sheds, is now used in this way.


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