Sunday Stills. Yellow


School holiday time and my house and kitchen have been turned upside down by the invading tribe of wild things. The ten year old wants to work outside all day as he is saving for a motorbike,( but its raining), the seven year old goes through ten costume changes a day and the five year old tries to keep up with her, the three year old likes to play outside in the rain. My table is covered with art materials, there are balls and blankets in the lounge room, chaos has descended.

Here is my escape into the world of yellow as part of the Sunday Stills challenge: Yellow

Marigolds above and sunflowers below in the gardens of Chenonceau, France.Image

A yellow painted vegetable stall in West Java, IndonesiaImage

A doorway in Bagan, Myanmar


A fruit platter on board a houseboat in the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala, India


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stills. Yellow”

  1. Snap!! Our floor has become an obstacle course, a Lego land of mammoth proportions is under construction using the 30 year old Lego, the only toys we saved. The cupboards have been about cleaned bare of food, the washing basket is bulging and I’m exhausted, but I wouldn’t give this time with my two grand daughters, 9 11/12 and 710/12up for anything. Have fun!


  2. The gardens at Chenonceau were some of the most beautiful I have ever visited…thanks for bring back nice memories. Holiday chaos will not last forever, hang in there. 🙂


  3. I remember those days well and quite miss them now! Instead I have a hormonal teenager begrudgingly studying for exams. That doorway shot in Myanmar is so beautiful and how gorgeous does that fruit basket look….and on a houseboat…sigh….


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