Sunday Stills, the next challenge: the Colour Brown

I have decided to have a go at a few photography challenges lately, including the Sunday Stills Photography Challenge. These challenges drive me to look at, and sort, the back log of photos in my files. It is also a way of distracting me from food blogging, which can get obsessive at times. I never go anywhere now without my camera, but when it comes to sorting, labelling and discarding, I’m hopeless. Here is my ‘brown’ offering for this weeks challenge.

                     Brown boxes arranged in a doorway in a suburb of Tokyo.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Stills, the next challenge: the Colour Brown”

  1. The guys at the apple shop always wine when they see how many photos I have on the mac. I keep meaning to go back and delete but never seem to get round to it. Love the brown boxes.


  2. Challenges are a great way to sort through the digital shoebox and post images that probably don’t fit into a specific post. I love your boxes – a clever shot!
    Jude xx


  3. Thanks Jude, I have been thinking about those boxes and decided to delete the cute animal and child. I think the photo should stand alone. Nice expression- digital shoebox.


    1. An interesting question. I find all manner of things in Japan exotic, and, not understanding the writing on the boxes perhaps made them more mysterious or appealing than they really were. An arrangement of objects that looks quite casual at first, but in fact has been placed that way by somebody, suggests order in chaos, beauty in simplicity.


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