Travel Theme: Gardens


It is always a pleasure to visit a garden when travelling overseas. Some delight, others offer peace and sanctuary, a place to picnic, or to stroll in natural surroundings. Central Park in New York and the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome both provide a chance to retreat from frenetic crowds and busy street life.

But becoming a traveller when at home is also on my agenda. The gardens of Victoria, Australia never cease to amaze, excite and challenge me. I was fortunate to visit a few local gardens last Spring with my dear friend Dianne, enchantress and gardener extraordinaire. “I’ll just pop this seed in my pocket!” “Could we ask for a small cutting of that plant?”

As part of this weeks travel theme on, I am taking a stroll in the gardens of Alowyn Gardens , one hour from Melbourne, Australia. At each fork in the path, new and exciting choices need to be made. The garden provides such enormous variety: perrenial borders, a Parterre garden, an edible garden followed by a forest garden, a dry bed garden and the truely amazing Wisteria archway, just to name a few.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

23 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Gardens”

  1. A rare treat for us too! A beautiful garden, varied and subtle despite the bravura of that wisteria arch. Goodness, it must have been like heaven, standing under there – the scent and the sound of the buzzing bees, the mauve tinged light. 🙂


    1. It is a rather wonderful and over the top ( literally and metaphorically!) arch. There are so many elements to this garden- I wish I had taken better pics, but the day was so rainy and cold.


  2. I’ve never visited Allowyn, on my to do list now. I love Cloudhill in Olinda and for the colour and fragrance, the State Rose Garden in Werribee. Have you visited the Chinese Garden at Darling Harbour in Sydney, such an oasis in the melee of the city!


    1. I have visited Cloudhill, but not the other two. Must attempt to get back to Sydney one day. I can also recommend the Cranbourne Botanical gardens. Of course, the open garden scheme here in Vic always offers some treasures, as does the Arthur’s Creek Garden walk, an annual event offering 7 or so gardens to see in one day.


  3. That is a stunning garden Francesca you have captured its spirit in your photos. I must visit it when I get to Victoria. Maybe I will find a house sit there… 🙂


  4. Omg your photos are completely stunning! I’ve bookmarked your blog and can’t wait to explore more! But first I must share this park with my sister who lives in Melbourne with her Aussie husband, I hope she will visit and take more pictures, too! Warm greetings from Egypt!


  5. The bluest of blues! My favourite colour. Your photos convey a sense of peace. I try to take the approach of being a traveller at home. It’s so easy to put it off, to think, oh another day, another time. But a traveller knows they might not get another chance. I’ve noticed it makes me look at the familiar with different eyes and to go to places I might otherwise not bother with. Thank-you for your post.


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