Javanese Street Food- a world of temptation

Street food is omnipresent throughout Java : it is hard not to think about eating all day. Some of my best breakfasts ( indeed meals) cost a mere 25 cents: other snacks even less. It is important however to assess how pure the water is and how clean the vendor’s cart might be. Travelling with a native speaker opened a whole world of temptation. Thanks Barnadi. The winner of best street food award goes to:

  • Deep fried tofu with green chilli


I ate a whole bag full of these and nearly spoilt my lunch. Imagine a bag full of freshly cooked tofu squares, with twenty little green, not overly mean, chillies. Pull the stem from the chilli and shove it into the centre of the hot tofu. To Die For.

In second place comes,

  • Javanese breakfast rice.ImageImageImage

Some were complex, others quite basic but all were satisfying and delicious. Nasi goreng or nasi coconut or kuning ( yellow) with lots of yummy little extras like fried tempe cakes, wrapped in brown paper triangular parcels that, when unwrapped, became the plate.  Add a little hot sambal for good measure.

Other photos include delicious corn fritters, my favourite fruit combo of pineapple and dragonfruit,  and pepes ikan ( fish and coconut mixture wrapped in banana leaf, grilled on coals)ImageImageImage

More Javanese delights coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Javanese Street Food- a world of temptation”

  1. A whole new world is opened too you when you travel, but there another world for local tourists, a side that mainstream package tour never touch on. You are so lucky to have a friend/guide who someone who can show you Java at street level. I’ve never been to Indonesia, but in other parts of Asia, my best food experiences have been with the locals


    1. Yes, local travel through Asia is a wonderful thing. I often find this in Thailand and Laos, India and Burma but west Java and Sumatra were quite knew to me. I went to Java in 1979 – things were so different then, as I was too !!!


    1. You could- but the best part is the very soft hot centre, which pre- cooked tofu puffs don’t have. I would get some firmish tofu, cut in squares, fry and then do the chilli thing. I’ll test it here and do a post.


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