In My Kitchen. January 2014

Happy New Year. It’s time to reflect, to plan and to clear out the old and unwanted from our kitchens and our minds!  I remember reading an interview with Germaine Greer years ago, where she described her favourite New Year’s Eve activity. She laundered and pressed all her fine white Italian linen. I have also begun this task. Image

Grazie Mille, many thanks, to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting the monthly In My Kitchen. It’s a chance to have a peep into the many kitchens around the world and get inspiration from the small detail of  every day life.

In My Kitchen are the last of the peaches from our tree. Nothing compares with the taste of a warm, fully ripe peach freshly plucked.Image

These two little woven containers prove so handy in summer. I purchased them in Bali this year. They prove invaluable in summer for carting the cutlery outdoors.


I cannot resist buying Panforte each Christmas, and I usually receive a couple as gifts also. They bring back memories of Siena, and Monteriggione nearby, where I was a student many years ago.


These little terracotta bowls were purchased at the Mediterranean Wholesalers in Brunswick. They sit on my bench, still unused, reminding me of tapas and summer plan for ‘al fresco’ dining.Image

This little pink grater comes from Chiang Mai in Thailand, purchased for 20 Bhat- less than $1.00.  So handy for summer salads.Image

And finally the Zucchini Plague has begun. My favourite zucchini recipes are re-appearing, some are being rehashed and updated and will appear in the next few posts.Image

23 thoughts on “In My Kitchen. January 2014”

  1. Happy new year, Francesca. I like the philosophy of starting the new year afresh! Laundering the linen is a lovely idea and sits with my own ideals. Your peaches look succulent, love the little tool from Thailand… and my zucchinis are just coming on too : )


  2. Happy New Year Francesca. I have the exact same terracotta dishes from The Med Wholesaler. They are in constant use! Treasure that precious table linen, you’ll never be able to replace it!


  3. I would love to taste one of your home-grown peaches and I love your pink grater. What beautiful things you have in your kitchen. Happy New Year Francesca!


  4. You have so many wonderful things going on in your kitchen. I love the sound of growing your own peaches and you have presented them on a very pretty plate. I love the look of your zucchini – I love zucchini flowers but don’t make them often enough. I would love one of those graters from Thailand – how handy and yet inexpensive and I desperately need some of those cutlery containers – my BBQ table is a very long way from our kitchen! xx


  5. What a lovely lovely post! I was having quite a bad day, feeling sad and all. Then I read this and saw your pictures and it made me feel warm and cosy and… The linen is gorgeous!!


  6. Francesca, bring on the zucchini plague I say! I was a but late in this year but we have flowers so it’s win win!
    Look forward to seeing your terracotta bowls in full swing, they do scream summer alfresco, olives and an espresso glass of vino.


  7. happy new year franscesca – ironing your table cloths on New Year’s Day seems very un-Germaine Greer but very relaxing. Also love seeing your panforte – I have made it quite a bit but never bought it.


  8. Your linens are stunning! I love ironing them- they are so easy and don’t become wrinkled the moment you finish with them- can you tell I hate ironing my husband and son’s shirts??
    And I would give a lot for a bite of a fresh peach, right now.
    Peaches shipped in from Chile have been picked too soon and taste mealy and bland.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  9. I’m loving that grater. Will have to look out for something similar next time I’m in an Asian supermarket. I love zucchini but sadly, this year it does not love me. Our zucchini got a fungus and no matter how many flowers it had, they never set, so I pulled them out. Luckily they are cheap at the shop! I look forward to reading throughout 2014.


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