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Some people think I am really anal when it comes to my passion for green accessories in the kitchen. And I’m not even a Virgo. This month, it’s all very green in the vegetable garden (next month the reds will arrive). Rather than display these crops, I thought I might dust off some of my green kitchen babies as part of an IMK post ( my first).


I was walking down Sydney Road, Brunswick yesterday and found these lovely green colanders for a song. The large one- $3.00, the baby – $1.50. It was hard to resist all the other mad colours but I stuck with the green ones.

Bargain Depot Supermarket Clearance and Party Supplies – 775 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056


I  love that bargain shop so much! I always grab a few more little milk jars ( $1.00) to add to my collection. Good for herbs, flavoured oils, the odd flower, table place settings, irresistable.


This roll of string was bought at great expense from ebay. It lives on my kitchen shelf with its green friends and is largely used for tying up gifts wrapped in brown paper or newspaper, tying up tussy mussies or hanging oregano to dry.


I love my colllection of retro Hong Kong thermoses. The little green army came down from a high kitchen shelf today for a dust. I have used one for yoghurt making, but on the whole, they are decor items.  I am searching for one which has the TWO GOATS gold label, then my collection will be complete.Image

Above are two green marble bowls purchased last year in Yangon, Burma. Great for special salts.Image

I can’t live without a jar of Furikake. I have to resist eating it out of the jar. Nice sprinkled on poached eggs or fresh poached salmon salad, or steamed rice.




Finally we have my beautiful Fowler bowls in apple green, a retro Propert anodised sifter and a selection of green jugs.

These little green things enjoyed their moment in the limelight for an In My Kitchen post.

In My Kitchen is hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. What a lovely idea. Thanks Celia.


31 thoughts on “In My Kitchen”

  1. Ciao Francesca, what an excellent debut for IMK. I love the idea of the colour theme and what a great collection. The thermos are my favourite and I’ll have to check out the party depot to see what other bargain they have.


  2. Francesca, I’ve never seen a green sifter before. Very cool! Your marble bowls would be a delight to hold, as well as to hold seasonings. (I see you used one for the Furikake.) What a fun first IMK post. Welcome!


  3. your green things are just gorgeous – that string looks like fun and I laughed at the freezinhot on the thermoses – and I think I might just like a few of those milk jars


  4. I love how your post has a colour theme to it. You certainly do have some beautiful things. I think that green twine would be really handy at this time of year – when we’re wrapping gifts and tying together turkeys! xx


  5. The string is a real treasure! I have balls of string all over my house- in almost every drawer. My dad always had a ball of string that he used to make trellises in our green house to support the tender blossoms- so I pick up string wherever I am as a habit.
    Love all the green- thanks so much for joining in and sharing!


  6. Hi Francesca

    I have a blue two goats thermos with the gold label you have been looking for. Please let me know if you are still interested in adding one to your collection and I’ll send you a photo of the item. Cheers


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