The Panettone Invasion

Have you noticed that the Christmas Panettone are marching into our shops, like a colourful Italian brigade, their tall boxes full of sweet promise.  Originally from Milano, they are popular at Christmas and New Year all over Italy and throughout the Italian diaspora. It is often served with a frizzante wine, such as Moscato d’Asti or a liquor such as Amaretto or coffee. Image

But I have a Christmas confession to make. I find them quite dry and boring. As far as I am concerned, a Panettone needs all the help it can get, so dunking slices in anything wet is a plus.Image

But I can’t resist the beautiful boxes and if I buy one before Christmas, I display it as decor. Then, after New Year, when the prices come down,I buy a few more- usually the plain, fruit studded varieties – to stash in the freezer to make Panettone bread and butter pudding.


As the weather in the southern hemisphere is too hot to consider making this yummy treat, I am considering the summer options. After all, once that big castle shaped bread is cracked open, something needs to be done. Toasted, spread with marscarpone, drizzled with Amaretto? Layered as part of a Tiramisu? Image

Further summer ideas from readers would be most welcome.


5 thoughts on “The Panettone Invasion”

  1. Hello Francesca
    I have just discovered your blog via “Baroque Sicily”. I too come from Australia – Valentine, NSW, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Macquarie, the largest salt water lake in the southern hemisphere.
    I enjoyed reading your blog on pannetone and each year I love to buy one, however this year I have not seen any throughout Woolworths or Coles (perhaps I’ve walked straight past them without noticing??!!) Anyhow, each year (after Christmas), I cut off the top and dig out the insides of the pannetone and tear them into small pieces, leaving the top intact. I then like to sprinkle with some Galliano (lots in fact) and then mix the soaked pannetone pieces through approx. 3/4 to1 litre of semi softened vanilla ice cream to which I also add around 1 cup of mixed dried fruit and some chopped nuts. You can also add some chocolate drops too. I then place the ice cream mixture back into the pannetone shell and place the pannetone lid or top back on. Place the pannetone back into the original bag or wrap in glad wrap and place in freezer overnight. Cut into slices and sprinkle with some more Galliano. The best pannetone casata ever. ENJOY!! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs,

    Kind regards,

    Maria Clayton


    1. Hi Maria, Thanks for the brilliant idea. I’ll snap up a few cheap Panettone after New Year and definately try this trick. Great for summer and easy way to get that Cassata shape and taste. I purchase them at Italian supermarkets: I have never seen them at Coles and Woolworths. Lake Macquarie is a beautiful spot!


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